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“The Future of Art and Culture” brings together the thinking of 204 leaders, visionaries, artists and creatives working in arts and culture. Through a mix of online insight collection and synthesis, selected in-depth interviews, and qualitative trend analysis, the report explores critical trends and the possible scenarios about the future of Arts & Culture. 

Audience Labs, like many during the pandemic, we wanted to look further out, deeper,  at big shifts underway. Annette Mees, Artistic Director of Audience Labs, worked with Honor Harger (ArtScience Museum in Singapore), Tateo Nakajima (Arup Fellow focusing on the Arts, Culture & Entertainment), Robert Hanea - (CEO & Chairman, Therme Group) and Scott Smith (Futurist and managing partner at Changist) We wanted a way to see past the fog of the pandemic - to better understand how existing and emerging pressures might unfold for and in culture & understand different ways in which artists, creatives, institutions and audiences might come together as a result of these shifting forces.