Audience Labs works with a large international network of other artists, cultural organisations, technology partners and research institutions. Our work is rooted in collaboration with others - we believe that the power of creativity and innovation grows exponentially with the diversity and multiplicity present within a team.

Our starting point is never technology - it is always rooted in people - collaborators, partners, audiences. We seek out open people, diverse collaborators, eager explorers who brought expertise from their own practice and curiosity about how technology might expand it. 

Audience Labs was founded by Annette Mees. In this phase of the work at King’s College, supported by AHRC, she is working with Tom Burton, a multi-disciplined award winning Executive Producer and Interactive Director with a specialism in innovation and 20 years experience across the digital and creative industries. Tom is Head of Interactive at BBC Studios and separately provides creative development, strategy and leadership for individuals and organisations.

Together they are bringing together a circle of creatives, cultural organisations, broadcast, technology and innovation experts and researchers to hold a series of conversations, future-scoping and practical strategy development aimed to help us articulate how we work more effectively together.

ABOUT Annette Mees

Annette is an immersive theatre director, creative strategist and Visiting Senior Research Fellow in Culture and Creative Industries at King’s College London. She draws inspiration from the creative practices of different artforms across different eras, always pushing at the boundaries of what is possible. Her work puts audiences in the centre and explores how imagination connects us to each other and big ideas.

Known for her innovative, interdisciplinary and experiential work, Annette started her career as one of the co-Artistic Directors of Coney, a collection of makers who create interactive theatre. She is now chair of FutureEverything, a cultural agency passionate about bringing people together to discover, share and experience new ideas for the future. 

Much of Annette’s work has involved leading interdisciplinary creative teams to explore the artistic possibilities of immersive technologies. She also advises funders and cultural organisations on innovation strategy, the future of culture, creative R&D and interdisciplinary collaborations. As a mentor, she supports diverse artists exploring new forms of artistic practice, particularly those that traverse art and activism.  

“I love being surrounded by smart, curious people searching for new forms and ways to tell stories with emotional meaning.”

Annette has been a Creative Fellow for WIRED and The Space, Guest-Artistic Director of the Danish Inspiration Lab and a contributor to the IK-prize winning Sensorium at Tate Britain. Annette has worked with partners that include Google, Tate Britain, UK Parliament, European Space Agency, British Council, Magic Leap, ICA, The National Theatre of Wales, SJ01 San Jose Biennale, & NESTA.

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